Burgess Petcare

Justin Heaton,
Burgess Pet Care


Burgess Pet Care, a premium pet food company, wanted to expand their share of the European market so they booked an island exhibit space at Interzoo. Interzoo is the world’s biggest exhibition for pet supplies held every two years. Devoted exclusively to the supply trade, the exhibition draws over 38,000 trade industry visitors from 115 countries. The 2010 event was held in Nuremberg, Germany.


It was important to Burgess to promote their brand by having all of their pet food products on display. They recently launched a corporate DVD which they wanted to be shown on two large monitors throughout the event. In addition, Burgess had pre-arranged a number of meetings to take place at the show with European wholesalers so they needed a semi enclosed meeting area.


The Nomadic Design Team created a display that was both open and inviting. Burgess’ main branding message was placed on large header panels high above the open area to draw passers-by. Acrylic product trees were created to artfully display stacks of packaged products. Dog bowls were mounted into counter tops and filled with samples for potential distributors to see and touch products. Using double sided fabric graphic panels, a meeting room was positioned in the middle of the stand open on one side. Placing a counter in front of the open side provided reception access into the exclusive room. Burgess was delighted with their new Nomadic stand due to its visual impact, flexibility and the return on investment they achieved.