20' DesignLine Tension Fabric Exhibit

20' DesignLine Tension Fabric Exhibit

SKU: RT51152N

Product Description

A smart look is driven by smart design. Nomadic has a whole new generation of gravity defying custom modular trade show displays that are helping you drive more sales opportunities than ever before. We develop creative display solutions designed to build your brand, drive interaction with your target audience and support your overall business strategies. Our island trade show displays feature: tension fabric hanging signs, integrated A/V workstations, and display counters for locking storage.

Floor Size:
20' D x 20' W
Approximate Weights:
DIM: 1520 lb
1 - 8' Buckhorn Tub - 36" x 101" x 49"
1 - 36" Buckhorn Tub - 36" x 58" x 49"

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