8' FabLite Milano Arched Double-Sided Backlit Portable Exhibit (AB2072N)

8' FabLite Milano Arched Double-Sided Backlit Portable Exhibit (AB2072N)

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Product Description

The 8' FabLite Backlit Milano display with the portable tubular design and custom collapsible lightbar makes FabLite sweeter than ever. The double frame assembly with backlighting will make your branding pop more than before. Plus, the new configuration will provide you with additional branding opportunities on the sides, making this a four-sided backlit billboard for your company.

FabLite Backlit's Fabulous Features:

  • Same affordable, lightweight tubular display with ability to create unique shapes
  • Same multi-functional base plate for layering
  • New double frame assembly can be used as two individual FabLite displays, with additional base plates
  • New innovative, collapsible lightbar illuminates entire display with no hot spots
  • Custom tailored dye-sub pillowcase graphics, with new four-sided branding opportunities
  • Same easy, tool-free assembly
Kit Includes

(1) Double Tubular 30mil Arched Frame

(8) Spreaders

(1) LED Lightbar Assembly Kit

(2) Baseplates w/ Spigots

(1) Pillowcase Backlit Dye Sub Graphic, Double-Sided

(1) Artwork Review Fee

(1) RollOne Case


Display Size:

6" D x 8' W x 8' H

Shipped Weight:

150 lbs


RollOne Case - 42" x 26" x 22"


Graphic Specifications:

Will be provided upon purchase.

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